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Orbea Artemisa *DE

Orbea Artemisa *DE

Female Norwegian Forest Cat, white with odd eyes.
Genotipe proposed
AA - BB - CC - DD - EE - gg - ii - ll - mm - Mcmc - oo - RR - ReRe - spsp - tt - W¿ws? - ¿Wb?wb
EMS Code
NFO w 63.
Date of Birth:
27th June 2009 (27/06/209).
Sire/Father Dam/Mother
Scar Stang ar Voud *FR Fama Artemisa *DE
Pictures Pedigree
Gallery paw peds
Pedigree by Colors and Patterns.



GSD IV:  NORMAL/NEGATIVE N/N (October 2012).  Certificados GSDIV WEB
PK-Def:  NORMAL/NEGATIVE N/N (June 2015).  Orbea DPK
HCM: Cooming soon.  
PKD: Cooming soon.  
 FIV, FeLV, PIF:  Negative. Certificados Felv Fiv Pif web

Physical: She is a cat considered "extreme". It has a long profile, high forehead. Her ears are well positioned and are rather large. She have Linx tips and good tufts. Her eyes are slightly oblique and odd. She is a long and tall cat. Her coat have a good hair with a good quality, the hairs of the tail are long and populous. What best defines Orbea is hers elegance. We would like her bones were a bit mor strong.

Behavior: It is a quiet, loving cat. She like so much human contact as the contact of the other cats. She loves to sleep curled up with their peers. With humans is bighead, when she wants something gets it so smooth and quiet, elegant. What she likes most is to rest near his favorite human, and playing with bottle caps and pens, mice and cats balls call her attention a while but always comes back to run behind hers caps. With a plume you can capture her attention all the time you want.







181ª International Feline Show - Braga
Clube Portugés de Felininicultura - CPF


Mrs. Anne Veland
 C.A.C.  FIFé

180ª International Feline Show - Braga
Clube Portugés de Felininicultura - CPF


Mr. Karl Preiss
EXC 1 - C.A.C.  FIFé




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